organically introducing Her to Herself

organically introducing Her to Herself

organically introducing Her to Herself

organically introducing Her to Herself

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Our Certified Dieticians, Licensed Nutritionists and Nurse Practitioners provides the following consultations:

  • Aid in weight loss or weight gain through a clinical model

  • Teach you how to eat healthy and realistically

  • Help you understand portion control

  • Educate you on benefits obtained from proteins, vegetables, and fruits

  • Give you alternative ways to season while limiting salt and sugar intake

  • Inform you of the risks involved with over eating 

  • Help you understand lean meats from fatty ones

  • Motivate you and hold you accountable for what you put in your body

  • Coach you on developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits

  • Provide supplement recommendations and guidance

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Dr. Valerie Collins, Health Serv., PhD

Executive Wellness Director, Her Mind Her Body (open to the community)
" ... the centermost activities are to pioneer customer-focused advances in cognitive wellness, and make a dramatic difference in our world ..."

At Her Mind Her Body we believe taking care of yourself also includes enhancing your beauty to elevate confidence and self-esteem. Many women have heard the phrases “let themselves go” after delivering a baby or “settling down in a relationship”. We believe that women should take pride in themselves first for personal gratification and second to have fun with their appearance rather than the demands of society! 

We provide beauty consulting that assist with:

  • Demonstrating inexpensive ways to give yourself a home facial

  • Sharing skin care products that are dermatologist recommended for oily, dry or normal skin

  • Daily hair care tips and creative styles that you can try on your own

  • Basic make-up tips: eye shadows that go well with certain complexions or apparel colors, lip glosses or lip sticks to wear during business hours vs. to an evening out with your girlfriends or significant other
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