organically introducing Her to Herself

organically introducing Her to Herself

organically introducing Her to Herself

organically introducing Her to Herself


a Holistic Health Facility for Her
At Her Mind Her Body you will:

  • Experience Holistic practices from Licensed, Certified, or Qualified Professionals

  • Attain self-awareness

  • Minimize stress and tension

  • Calm your mind and balance emotions through mental health therapy

  • Enhance feelings of inner peace and clarity

  • Develop a healthier lifestyle to increase life quality and longevity

  • Become more physically active, toned, and confident 

  • Understand best practices for selecting nutritional foods

  • Enhance physical characteristics through nail, skin, hair, and beauty consultation

  • Deepen your spiritual connections.

Lachrisia Lorraine, LCPC, ISSA-CFT 
Founder & CEO of Her Mind Her Body and Subsidiaries
"It is our wellness team's responsibility to be healthy mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically in order to Organically Introduce HER to Herself​."
Lachrisia Lorraine, the Founder & CEO of Her Mind Her Body and her team of skilled professionals are passionate about servicing women and girls using a holistic approach.

Her professional background as a Maryland State approved Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor [LCPC] Supervisor, LCPC , Certified Fitness Trainer [CFT], and Reiki Level II Practitioner have given her both the proficient education and experiences to practice as an expert and lead a qualified team when guiding women and girls towards finding and maintaining balance on a spiritual, emotional, mental and physical level within their lives. 

Provisions and Services:

  • Her Mind Her Body (Parent Co.): Community based Holistic Services including onsite Fitness, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Skin Care and Beauty Consulting.

  • Her Mind Her Body Clinical Associates (OMHC): A Maryland State approved Outpatient Mental Health Center providing licensed and authorized Clinical Counseling which consists of Individuals, Groups, Couples and Family Therapy.

  • Her Mind Her Body Wellness Program (PRP): A Maryland State approved Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program providing wellness through the use of Holistic Lifeskill collaborations between our Trained Professionals and Clients.
... to Herself
Organically Introducing ...

... Her ...